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Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

What to expect when Hawaiian Bonefishing

The conditions are windy and the water can be deeper than "traditional" bonefishing. The sun can go in and out all day. Sight casting can change into blind casting and back again.

Chasing Hawaiian Bonefish is challenging. I will not sugarcoat that in any way. In fact it can be damn tough. This is not a 15 fish a day fishery, or even a 10 fish a day fishery. We call a good day 10-20 "shots" sight fishing at bones averaging 6 pounds and up. We do catch smaller fish on occasion. They are not the norm, but beautiful and fight with a big fish mentality. We consider an average day to be one to five hookups. A great day is five or more hookups. One to five fish landed is what we strive for.

These are monster Hawaiian Bonefish, possibly the biggest in the world.

Hawaiin Bonefishing with Coach Duff

There are magical days, but we refuse to portray them as the norm. Contrary to incorrect reports that surface on message boards, we sightfish and sightfishing is our norm.

I have handpicked my guiding team for a reason. They have all mastered the sight fishing game here. We want you to land your first Hawaiian Bonefish sight casting if possible! We will do everything in our power to get you that chance. When we lose that beautiful Hawaiian sunshine, we will put you into productive blind casting cuts, rises and alleys. A typical day will be 80-20 sight to blind. Remember that there will be times when we are sight casting Hawaiian Bonefish style and you feel like you can't see anything. That's what we are here for.

My Team can "dig" out fish in tough conditions. They will run the sight game in knee to waist deep water if the sun and water conditions permit. We have adapted our techniques to the Hawaiian Bonefish flats, traveling lanes and rises unique to Hawaii and its monster Hawaiian Bonefish. We can and will spot and shoot at fish in much deeper water than many veteran bonefish anglers are used to. Some days offer much more, some a bit less. We also have specific casting techniques that we have developed to counter the brutish winds we can get here. We will share everything we know to make you successful and we hold back nothing.

We do have the courage and professionalism to cancel a trip when conditions tip the scales of success against you. That day can be re-scheduled or you will be refunded. This happens rarely, but the Hawaiian Bonefish experience is about fly-fishing, friendship and fun. Bring your "A" game, your love of all things "fly" and be flexible. We'll take care of the rest!

Coach Duff's Hawaiian Bonefishing
Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

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