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Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

Gear you should bring

Fly Rod(s)
7-10 weight fly rod (preferably 9 weight saltwater type action).

We use Burkheimer saltwater rods exclusively. Kerry Burkheimer hand rolls his own graphite, making each taper custom and unique for each specific fishery. He has designed and crafted a 9 weight "workhorse rod" for day to day use here in Hawaii and a 7 weight to hunt "tailing bones". He actually flew out and fished with Coach to understand the special needs of this challenging fishery and then went back to Washougal, Washington and built them. Burkheimer rods carry titanium components, EVA custom grips to handle daily saltwater use and are available through Burkheimer flyrods at

We provide custom Burkheimer rods for client's flyfishing needs when they can't or don't want to bring their own gear. Coach Duff is a very proud member of the Burkheimer Pro Staff.

Fly Reel(s)
Good reel (our Galvan Torques have been outstanding in every way) that matches rod with at least 200 yards (at the very least) backing Leader material (Butt section - 50-60 pound Frog Hair Deep Blue is our favorite with a 35 pound middle section.) Tippet material (16 and 20 pound Frog Hair Fluorocarbon is what we use). Guides will carry plenty of leader free of charge to you if you can't make it to the fly-shop. Frog Hair leader material is also IGFA rated and approved if you want to shift your focus on a possible line class World Record.

Fly Line(s)
Fly line one weight above rod (example a 10 weight line for 9 weight rod). We use Monic Phantom Tips for 99% of our sightfishing. Airflo Ridgelines work well also. The water temps only climb above 80 for a month or so (July-August) so "tropical lines" are not make or break.

Kenny goes 7 1/2 - Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff
Our Captain having some fun with the Coach and a few nice little Hawaiian Bonefish. - Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff

Good flats boots or heavy duty scuba booties with walking soles. (We have extras)

Sun Glasses
We use Smith Optics for eyewear and really like the photochromic polarized coppers for sight fishing here. A good Amber for overcast days is good insurance.

Try to go with earth tones in clothing selection (We use Ex Officio and Skinny Water Culture flats wear) and stick to blues, tans, and khakis).

Sun hat, Camera (Waterproof or Waterproofed). Flies (Most traditional patterns work, but we have go to flies that work best in paradise. If you love to tie like us, you can call us and we'll point in the right direction.)

Coach Duffs Hawaiian Bonefishing - Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff
Coach nets 9 - Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff

Shuttle service to and from hotel or vacation rental is $40 bucks a day to cover gas expenses.

We use the Orvis or LL Bean plastic "buckets" with cones inside. There are other good baskets, and you may have a favorite, but stripping baskets without cones have not performed well in our experiences.

Mean Gene gets er done! - Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff
Coach Duffs Hawaiian Bonefishing - Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff
Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

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