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Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

What Our Bonefishing Clients Say

Hawaiian Bonefishing is challenging, even maddening at times but the "payoffs are big" as we like to say. Here are some thoughts and words from friends we have in the flyfishing industry and friends we have chased Trophy Hawaiian Bonefish with.

Captain Terry Duffield (AKA "Coach Duff")
Captain Robert "Mahalo Bob" Tang
Rob Arita

Coach, I just wanted to write a quick note and let you know that I had a great time. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into developing me as a fly fisherman. I learned more about the sport and my passion in a one day with you on the water than I have in the past year. I will take what you've bestowed and put it into practice. Next time I'll be prepared and we'll get some fish into the boat. I'm looking into orders to Pearl Harbor, wouldn't happen for about a year or so but the possibility exists. If I do, I'll be looking ya up for sure. Thanks again bro, it was quite an experience. Brian

Brian James on May 28, 2009

In late April I had the absolute pleasure to bonefish with Mahalo Bob. This was one of my best days of my life. Had numerous shots at huge bonefish, 10+ lbs at least. Man I forgot how spooky those awesome fish are. Bob was able to spot huge bones that were 50 ft. away-and I'm a flyfishing guide myself and had awesome polarized glasses on and could barely see the ghosts that he was spotting. This guy told me he has poor eyesight. Liar, liar, pants on fire. HE CAN SPOT BONES! The wind wasn't very cooperative in the afternoon but we did catch fish. More than anything, the company of Bob and his brother Roland was the best part of the trip. Fishing is fishing and you can't always slay as many fish as you would like but the bonefish in Hawaii are the biggest I have ever seen and I've fished for bones all over the Caribbean and Florida. Better yet, was having a guide like Bob. He was patient, funny and told me much about his culture and about his days growing up in Hawaii and catching bones as a youth. Great stories and a beautiful flat-what else can you ask for. If you want this and HUGE bone, ask for Coach or Mahalo Bob. I bet my flyrod that you won't be disappointed. You guys have a loyal client here! Until we meet again my brothers, Dave Musser Chillicothe, Ohio PS call me when you are in my area and I'll guide you for some Ohio steelhead-for free.

David Musser on May 10, 2009

Hey Coach. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated all the time you spent with me and the boys while we were on Oahu. All of us had a great time thanks to your patience and perseverance in trying to make us better casters and better anglers. You helped make it a very special trip for us and we will do it again sometime. Let me know if you are going to make it over here at the end of the month and if there is anything we can do for you. At a minimum, you need to get out to Carnation so that I can grill up some SoDak pheasants for you. And you have a place to stay with us if you'd like. If we do it right, we might even find time to get some steelheading in. Just let me know, I would like to return some of the hospitality that you showed us. Give your bride a hug for us, the kids and Primo too, and take care.

Coy W Chittenden on May 3, 2009

Coach, thanks for a great time. I landed 2 Hawaiian Bones, including my biggest bonefish ever. The barred jack landed sightfishing was awesome! Domo Arigoto and I will come back over from Japan in October hopefully!

Tan Nobuaki on May 3, 2009

Coach Duff, Had a great time. The winds were howling maybe 25-30 mph. But we saw several fish and I managed to catch one small one (2-3 lbs). Lots of big ones out there but casting was tough. Mahalo Bob was great. Very knowledgeable and a good guy. I enjoyed fishing with him. His brother Roland was great too who picked us up and took us back home again. I'm hoping to be out again in September and would like to do a full day at that time. Hoping to try the windward side if conditions are right. Thanks again!

Frederick Towfigh on May 3, 2009

Hey Coach, Thank you for a fantastic day of fishing. What a huge bone. When you get a chance shoot me a copy of that picture. I will be spreading the word and singing you praises. Till next time take care. Jim Date: Feb 27, 2009

Jim Prutsman on Feb 27, 2009

Thanks again bro. I'm looking forward to coming back soon, it was a killer trip. I'll get that 20lber next time. Duffer is a world class angler, host, guide and casting instructor. I'd recommend him to anybody anytime!

Brian Jill (AEG Media Group and original "Trout Bum") on Dec 20, 2008

I had a great time with Coach Duff! We had the entire flat to ourselves, the sun was out and the bones were swimming. I cannot believe the strength of those fish. Pound for pound, they are the strongest fish I have ever fought. What a great experience! What made the trip even more enjoyable was the time Coach Duff took with me to refine my cast. I've been fly-fishing for several years, but in a couple of hours, Coach Duff added an extra twenty feet to my cast. I can't wait to get back to the Islands to try it again!! - Jason McKinney

Jason McKinney on Dec 19, 2008

I just returned from Hawaii and I am here to tell you that for anglers wanting some extremely technical bonefishing for HUGE bones, this place is it. Coach Duff has dialed these fish in just as he had the steelhead of the Pacific Northwest dialed in. Duffer knows this game and he is an outstanding teacher of the whole flyfishing game. I hooked a number of fish I had no chance of landing, on a 10wt, and the ones we did manage to get in were all between 7 and 10 lbs. We saw some fish in the 15lb plus range, possibly even larger for that matter. I think this place is coming into itself at just the right time as more experienced anglers are moving towards different species with more difficulty and this is right there in the same ballpark but for bones.

Dave McCoy of Emerald Water Anglers on Dec 19, 2008

Coach, I had a great time and learned volumes from your expertise. It was fantastic to have fished my first time for bonefish with a guide of your caliber. I appreciate your confidence and willingness to teach with patience. I?ll never forget the first take on my first bonefish. I can still see him turn on the fly and feel him take it and launch out over the flat at light speed. I don?t think I?ve ever seen the backing so fast! Thanks again and I hope to see you again soon.

Kevin Cook on Dec 19, 2008

Thanks Duff for 2 fantastic days of stalking big bones on the beautiful flats of Oahu. You're a true fly fisherman with a passion that matches you're skill as a teacher and guide. If you want to hook the biggest and baddest bonefish of you're life look up Coach Duff. I'll see you next year and we'll get that 12 pounder. Go Fish Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins (The Hopper) on Sep 30, 2008

Terry and Bob, Thanks for a great day on the water...Stephen and I had an uforgetable day with both of you. My wife, daughter and I are thinking about coming back for spring break. What is the bone fishing like at the end of March, first part of April? May even be interested in a blue water trip if there is a chance to share a boat. Thanks again for a ton of fun, Alan Jackson ps...if you get to Seattle and want to go chase some steelhead this winter, just give me a call...I have a 16ft Clacka

Alan Jackson on Sep 9, 2008

" Fly fishermen literally fly over Hawaii en route to distant fishing grounds promising big game fish. Selfishly I hope they continue because Hawaii fly fishing is a gem"

Barney Adams (Golfing Legend and Big Fish Chaser) on Sep 2, 2008

The Coach and Bobby are two great guys to spend a day chasing bonefish around on the flats of Hawaii, their knowledge and expertise were superb. To my surprise there was plenty of sight fishing opportunities which contradicted everything I had heard about Hawaiian bonefish. The fish were huge. I saw lots of 5 to 10 pound bones with up to 15 pound fish cruising around and even saw one that was all of 20 if not more. I had my butt handed to me a couple times and landed my first couple bonefish. If chasing trophy bonefish on the fly is your idea of a good time I would highly recommend spending some time with the boys. They are true pros and every minute you spend with them will be both a learning experience and loads of fun. Cheers, Dustin Kovacvich Lodge Manager and Head Guide Nicholas Dean Lodge Terrace, British Columbia

Dustin Kovosovich on Jul 5, 2008

Hawaii must be the best kept secret in bonefishing circles. As an avid fly fisher, I jumped at the opportunity to hook up with my first bonefish when visiting Oahu last month. I had the pleasure of being guided by Bob Tang, a first class fly guide. He knows his water, and he knows his fish. We easily saw 25+ good sized bonefish that day, and the 8 pounder I landed was a real thrill. Bob's patient and quiet attitude belies the real bonefish hunter underneath. He knows where to find them, and he knows how to catch them. Grab your fly rod, grab your sunblock, and head to Oahu.

Simons on May 22, 2008

Never in my 20 years of fly fishing have I targeted such a challenging species of fish as Hawaii’s Bonefish. These bone’s are “Hogs” in stature and will humble even the most experienced fly fisherman. Coach Duff and his crew are consummate professionals. They have an arsenal of techniques that will teach the novice to experienced fly fisherman to hook-up with these “Green Giants.” This crew works hard to ensure their clients get every possible opportunity to catch fish. I found where guides would have called it a day and tried to get off the water for happy-hour, these guys would stay and put you onto fish until “you” threw in the towel. I could not recommend a better guide service in Hawaii. These guys are world class. I will be fishing with these hard-chargers on my way back from Iraq also! Semper Fi. Derek

Gunnery Sgt. Derek Scharen on May 14, 2008

My wife and I stopped in Hawaii for a few days on our way to New Zealand, and boy, were we thrilled to find that there was some bonefishing to be had on Oahu! Who'd have thunk that fishing an Air Force base would be such fun? There were not that many bones (go somewhere else for big numbers) but the average size was bigger than anywhere else we've fished. We each landed fish and saw a few whoppers (easily over 10 lbs.) during our two days. While the guided fishery is still in it's infancy, Coach Duff brings a lot of mainland guiding experience to the table and is definitely doing things right. He is crazy for fish, that's for sure, and the only bonefish guide around worth hiring. We hope it won't be long until we are back in Hawaii looking for bigger and badder bones! Mahalo and aloha! Stuart and Mindy Goldberg Missoula, Montana

Stuart Goldberg on May 12, 2008

When I first met Duff I was amazed at his passion for fly fishing with emphasis on fishing for Steelhead. I have no doubt that this has now transitioned over into Bone Fishing! At the time I thought Duff and myself came from two different worlds, me being a traditional dry fly fisherman, fishing with Cane Rods and Duff being the consummate crazy Steelheader like so many of my buddies up north. I quickly realized this guy was the real deal and wanted to experience everything fly fishing has to offer. This was around the same time Duff was still on the main land and was gracious enough too invite me on every steelhead trip that came up. Also around that time he had been bitten by the Bamboo Bug and was looking very hard at Cane Rods and Classic Tackle. So I set him up with a classic reel. I remember at the time, one of my custom reel makers needed a photo for a new reel model with a nice grayling setting next to it. Mass-san of Japan had been longing for this type of photo for many years! Two week later Coach Duff had sent a wonderful photo of a grayling he had landed (after hiking way up into the White Mountains in Arizona somewhere) laying next to the classic reel he had purchased from me. I can't tell you how excited Mass-san was when he first saw the photo and this photo stayed on his website for almost 2 years. The photo can still be found on mine. When Duff first called me and told me his thoughts on starting his Guide Service, I said to him without any hesitation, "Go for it". I just know in my heart this is what Duff needs to be doing and believe me he does it very well. So for those of you on the West Coast it's a hop skip and a jump to spend some quality time letting Duff or one of his other staff member take you on a trip on a lifetime for some trophy Bone Fish . For my friends in the South, Mid West and East Coast, no need to head south were you'll run in too the crowds but head West and give my good friend Terry "Coach Duff" Duffield a try. You will not be sorry! West Slope Classic Fly Tackle

Rick D. Sorensen on May 7, 2008

I have known Coach Duff for nearly 10 years now and fished with him in a number of different fly angling arenas. Without question, you will find no one more passionate about fish and how to catch them in a more ethical and appropriate manner than he. Carp, steelhead, trout, bonefish or trevally, if left with the time to do so, Duff will devise the optimal way to hook and land fish nearly anywhere. I have no doubt that we will see a world record bonefish break the IGFA books in the next couple years and it will come from Hawaii, not the Bahamas. Dave McCoy, Owner/Head Guide Emerald Water Anglers Seattle, WA

Dave McCoy on May 6, 2008

I'm sitting here looking out at a minted out 1975 Woolridge jetsled in my driveway. How did I get this classic? It's actually a team owned boat by the Coach and me. I was in Patricks Fly Shop one day years back. I'd tried to no avail to catch my first steelhead swung on the fly for 3 long years. By the way Patricks is owned by another "classic" Jimmy LeMert and is the oldest flyshop West of the Mississippi. Duff walked in heard me talking about my troubles and pulled me out of the shop. He told me that if I fished with him this winter season I'd catch not one but a bunch of winter-runs. I had known him since 1st Grade and knew he was a good athlete and all but had lost track of him. Well, my first winter steelhead season with Duffer I landed 8 fish in the Skagit and Sauk. My first steelhead ever was a 17 pound wild hen in the Skagit. My first day ever targeting Dolly Varden was 4 fish over 20 inches in the Sauk. We were throwing an old pattern called an Alaskan Mary Anne. Duffer I'll see you next November for 4 days, and I expect the usual. You set the bar at a place only you can deliver. Congrats and Give em' Hell! Your fishing buddy Marty Leith PS See you on the Skeena next fall! Thank God you got over that football sickness!

Marty Leith on May 6, 2008

Chasing bones with Coach Duff was a pleasure. We fished beautiful coral channels and picturesque flats where we did not see a soul all day. The bones we spotted were all quite large and very willing to take a well presented fly. The nice 7 pounder I landed was strong and gave an amazing fight. Duff has really done his homework. His understanding of Hawaiian bonefish really shows. He gets you in to the fish which are real trophies. Duff has access to areas that look amazing to the eye and hold big fish. I highly recommend fishing with Coach Duff if you have the opportunity while you are in Hawaii.‚ Kevin Stull

Kevin Stull on May 5, 2008

My first meeting with Coach Duff was purely chance as we were both on an Oahu beach preparing our gear. Me visiting from Montana stumbling thru foreign territory hoping to get lucky and hook a bonefish. Duff the seasoned pro getting ready to show a client a good time. Out of curiosity I introduced myself and asked about the area and the potential of catching something. Duff despite having someone already in tow took the time to point me in the right direction and give some much needed advice. It was immediately apparent that he had a passion for fishing and seeing others have a great time catching fish. I can’t say enough about Duff’s generosity and willingness to teach and share the passion for what he obviously loves, catching bonefish. I didn’t manage to land a bone but did hook a few dandies this trip. Just hooking a nice bonefish and feeling that raw power as the line screams off your reel is almost enough in itself. I manage a ranch in Montana and am fortunate enough to live in what is truly God’s Country. We have the West Boulder River running right thru the back yard with some incredible trout fishing here but visiting HI and chasing Bonefish has definitely gotten into my blood. It is certainly in the plans to be back for round two in the future and meeting up with Coach Duff will no doubt be a part of that plan also. Thank you again Terry, Doug Campbell

Doug Cambell on May 3, 2008

Duff, congratulations on an amazing website. Hawaii is in good hands! I saw that Kerry came over and fished with you. Got any room for an old steelhead bum? We're coming over to fish with you as soon as I get through the Spey Clave and other committments. Maybe we can get Mike Kinney to come over also. I have heard of big bones in Hawaii for many years and I know with your guiding operation in place, those fish will be located with a high level of passion and fly-fishing knowledge. I need to get some of these switch rods in your hands for those GTs and other species. Take care friend, and I'll see you soon in paradise. RB Meiser - - RB Meiser Flyrods.

Robert Meiser on May 3, 2008

Duff, Congrats on the website. I had originally contacted Ollie Owens about guided fishing for bones. He hooked me up with Duff because he had access to Hickman AFB and thought that would be the best chance while I was there. When Duff called me, he asked if I was a casual or hardcore fisherman, I said hardcore. I wasn't why at the time until I spent the day with him. He picked me up at my hotel, took me to fish Hickman all day. He told me about his website and the things he was trying to get started on Oahu. Though I didn't get hooked up on a fish, seems to be my M.O. this season, we sighted at least 30 fish. We saw some really large fish, the biggest going in the 40" class. He then took me across the Island for that last desperate shot at a fish and showed me some flat's that I could fish on my own. He then took me back to my hotel. That's way beyond your typical guide. He really wanted to see me stick a fish and I really appreciated that. I can't wait to get back and give it another shot at the 40" bone. Thanks for a great fishless day, I really enjoyed the company of a total fishing addict as a guide. Thanks again, John Fischer

John Fischer on May 3, 2008

In the several years that I've known Terry "Coach" Duffield I have found him to always approach any challenge he faces with determination and style. Terry is an outstanding fly-fisherman and gentleman who combines his skill with a strong sense of stewardship in protecting sportfish, a characteristic that has become all to rare these days. I cannot imagine having anything but a great time fishing over those big Hawaiian bonefish with Terry, who is, incidentally, a fellow ex-Marine.. Semper Fi Coach, Les Johnson

Les Johnson on May 1, 2008
Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

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Barney Adams (Golfing Legend and Big Fish Chaser) on Sep 2, 2008

Duff, congratulations on an amazing website. Hawaii is in good hands!... read more...

Robert Meiser on May 3, 2008

Thanks Duff for 2 fantastic days of stalking big bones on the beautifu... read more...

Mark Hopkins (The Hopper) on Sep 30, 2008
Coach Duff is a IGFA Captain