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Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff


Here is Coach Duff's Hawaiian Bonefishing "Links Page". Friends, Sponsers, folks we believe in, guides we would book, really anybody and anything that means something special to us.
Aloha and enjoy!!!

Coach, Mahalo Bob and Rob Arita.

Kerry Burkheimer doesn't make "fly rods". He makes incredible fishing tools that qualify as art. They are in my humble opinion, the finest designed and crafted fly-rods on the planet. Kerry studied under the master Russ Peak and then ran some very well known fly rod companies design and production teams. He set off on his own many years ago and has never looked back. Each rod is custom built to your specs and each rod's taper is designed exactly to your fishing needs. Kerry rolls his own graphite and builds each rod from scratch in his shop in Washougal, Washington. I am proud to call Kerry a friend and just as proud to carry Burkheimer rods every day for every application in Hawaii, whether it be bonefish, trevally or big game. The Coach

Lightweight, drag that can stop a top fuel funny-car and indestructible. Did I mention self-lubricating? We carry Galvan reels because this is a tough fly-fishing environment. Big fish, rough terrain, heavy salt, but our Galvan's are pitbulls. They never back down or fail us. The Coach

Frog Hair Deep Blue and Frog Hair Flourocarbon get it done. IGFA rated, incredibly strong and supple, and abrasion resistent. This stuff is like gold and it's the only leader we stand by. The Coach

The only place I know where you can make a phone call today and find a mint condition Pinkie Gilliam rod and match it up to a 60 year old Hardy or a brand new Godfrey. Rick is the world's leading collector and dealer of bamboo, classic reels and small shop craftsmen. He's a damn fine dry-fly fisherman to boot. If he doesn't have what you have been searching for, he'll find it for you. Most importantly when you work with Rick Sorenson, trust is established immediately. He is one of the best people in our industry. The Coach

Todd is one of the top handful of steelhead/salmon guides in the world. A master waterman in raft, drift boat or sled, and the consummate teacher as a guide. You haven't gone fly-fishing until you go out with Todd in his jet sled and he chain-saws your way into the river. Todd uses Burkheimer rods and is an incredible fly-tyer. The best! Coach

Dave McCoy runs a world wide booking agency that is the real deal. He is from a family of fly-fishing which includes his father, a world class angler and guide in his own right. Dave is a staunch conservationist and one of the best teachers of anything fly in the game. He holds his guides to the same standards. Coach

We use Monic Phantom tips for stealth, castability and toughness. We think they give us a couple extra hookups a week. They really are amazing! Coach

Tim is an amazing caster and fly-fishing machine. He has developed a line of rods which are affordable but do not feel like broomsticks. They are full of "mojo" as we like to say. In any price range, Echo makes some amazing sticks. Our Captain Mahalo Bob lives by them! Coach

Steve Joyce, Gary Thompson and the crew run a first class guiding operation, and fly shop. They offer world wide travel and can put you on about any species of fish that swims. Camping, hiking, you name it, these guys will take care of you. Coach

Bob Meiser is a master craftsman, fly-fisherman and rod building legend. Bob is the real mastermind behind the switch rod concept and these tools are a weapon that needs to be explored for hard-core saltwater fly-fishing. His MKS rods, designed with Mike Kinney revolutionized spey fishing. A great friend, I always have "room" for Bob Meiser. The Coach

Flyfisherman, guitarist and master web designer Dave Lyons is a very talented artist/craftsman. He speaks "fly" and is a pleasure to work with. Dave runs a company that if very versatile and always cutting edge. The Coach

Skeena Country. We all know what that means. Big shouldered wild steelhead, massive Kings and big surface oriented Coho ("Northerns" as we call them) make the Skeena River Valley a pilgrimage, not a destination. Rivers like the Kitimat, Kalum, Copper, main stem Skeena, the list goes on and on. Head guide Dustin Kovosovich runs one of the great rustic fly-fishing lodges in the world. I'll be there this October. Hope to see you there. The Coach

Poppy runs a shop every battle tested true-grit fly-fishing bum can walk in and feel at home in. Everybody speaks "spey" here. Located up on Big Canyon Road on one of the great swing rivers (Clearwater River in Idaho) in North America and about 60 seconds from the Peck Hole. Tell Poppy you have a case of B Run Fever and he's got your medicine! Coach Duff

I know some great flyfishermen and women. I also know some great guides. Mike is the best overall I know period. He is a true master of this sport and a great teacher to boot. Mike will push your learning curve forward faster and further than anybody in our business. I am proud to be able to include a true master in my links and prouder to call him a fiend. The Coach

Every angler needs a "home shop" a place to put the feet up, tell a few tall tales, sip on a cold one and maybe even sit at the vice for a minute. Clay and Sean run the only fly shop in Hawaii and it is just that kind of place. Both of the boys are Christmas Island veterans and have forgotten more about Hawaiian flyfishing than I may ever know. They are a must see for any Christmas Island angler. Ask them for some "money patterns" and your week at Christmas may be a bit more memorable. A full service shop. If they don't have it, the boys will order it up for you. Go say hello and tell them Coach sent ya! The Coach

I live by tide data in all fly- fishing in Hawaii. So do many other fly-fishermen in many disciplines. My old buddy Chris Scoones the founder and wizard behind the Washington Fly-fishing website has come up with the finest tides site there is, bar none. The Coach

Where can you find Les Johnson, Mike Kinney, Bob Meiser, Preston Singletary, Leland Miyawaki and a whole bunch of other steelhead and fly-fishing notables hanging out? Chris Scoones has put together one of the finest fly-fishing sites in the world. It can be instructional, crazy, funny or a little bit of all, but never boring. Drop by one night and enjoy! The Coach

The only sunglasses we believe in. We really like the Copper photochromic mirrors for sighting in our big trophy Hawaiian Bonefish. The best! Duff

This is a very tough environment due to the sun's intensity and the saltwater environment. ExOfficio makes rugged, rough and tumble clothes that also make sense from a tactical and comfort standpoint. Simply amazing! Coach

My good buddy Doug Brutaco (of Doug's Bugs fame) has joined forces with the legendary Borgers (Gary and Jason) and the result is a flytying and fly creating machine called Targus. With Gary Loomis on board, this is really a company of All Stars and I am proud to be affiliated with them. Coach

The tip of the spear in panga design and these boys have built me a boat that simply kicks asses and takes names. Coach

Ken Morrish is a Pacific Northwest steelhead icon and with Rachal Andras and Brian Gies runs the finest destination fly only travel business in our industry. Simple as that.

I love artistic forward thinking folks who kick ass. My buddy Vince Stegura is a talented cat with the flyrod but is continually moving flats wear forward and into the future. It's tough, it's functional, it kicks ass and it's art. Check out Skinny Water Culture. The Coach

Captain Brian Jill is as good a fly angler (and guide) as there is on this planet. He helped form AEG, is one of the original "Trout Bums" and now guides folks onto huge tarpon and redfish in a area with a tenth of the pressure that you have to navigate to the south. He's a great buddy and I would put my reputation in his hands anytime. Get ahold of Lost Coast Anglers anytime you are in the Tampa Bay area. The Coach

Jack Mitchell IS the Yakima River. If ever I could connect the dots and connect a master guide/angler with any body of water I would connect Jack to the "Yak" as we call it in Washington. Actually I feel Jack is one of the top couple of guides on this planet. Today Jack guides for monster rainbows on the mighty upper Columbia. Massive water, breathtaking scenery huge wild, tailwalking fish and Jack Mitchell in charge of my fishing experience? I can't think of a better way to spend a day doing what we love. Tell him Coach sent you for the trout of a lifetime! The Coach

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