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Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

Hawaiian Fly Fishing Guides

Coach Duff (Captain Terry Duffield)

Coach Duff  (Captain Terry Duffield) - Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff

I am a lifelong steelhead bum. If there is a ditch or river with steelhead swimming up it, I may have stood by you chasing that great gamefish with a fly. I hiked into Malibu Creek in Malibu California a few years ago looking for returning steelhead. I didn't want to catch them, just see them, to believe they still return to a place where we had thought them lost forever. Fly-fishers believe. They believe their fly will work or that the hatch will come. We believe in tradition and mesh it with modern technology and craftsmanship.

I love this thing we call fly-fishing. I love every bit of it. I love it when I'm standing in waist deep water in the middle of winter on a favorite steelhead river holding my spey rod swinging a fly I tied. I love sitting in a float tube listening to the loons waiting for that next Kamloops Rainbow to inhale the scud I'm moving along the bottom. I love watching grayling set off rings of magic all over an alpine lake as the hatch turns on. I love watching a smallmouth bass attack a skating fly as the sun sets on the horizon. I love watching a ten pound wild Hawaiian Bonefish stop my crab pattern with a jolt and take off the other way at the speed of light (at least it seems like the speed of light!)

I graduated from college with a degree in Sports Science. I have served in the elite 2nd Force Recon Company in the USMC and fought for our freedom. I've coached the great game of football from Little League to High School to Junior College and all the way to a Sugar Bowl. These personal accomplishments pale in comparison to my role as a husband and father to my wife Stephanie and my three "keiki". Dalton age 12, Darvin age 5, and Deuce age 3.

No matter where my travels take me, no matter where my life leads, fly-fishing is my passion. Fly-fishing has a supernatural magic to it, just like these Hawaiian islands. The Aloha spirit is something that grabs hold of you and sinks in your cells. I am very proud to call Hawaii our home and raise our children here.

These Hawaiian Bonefish have captivated my soul much like the magnificent steelhead has. They are simply electric. I feel very privledged to take you out and show you the Hawaiian Bonefish flats of our incredible islands. A fish of a lifetime or an IGFA World Record is a very real possibllity here, and it's fitting. Hawaii is the kind of place where dreams come true. Aloha and join us for an unforgettable day of catch and release fly-fishing. The Hawaiian Bonefish are ready to put your reel to the test. Mahalo, Coach Duff (Head Guide and Owner of Hawaiian Flyfishing)

My guides and sea-going vessels are fully insured during any operation in the Hawaiian islands. I am also CPR/First Aid certified by both the American Heart Association and the Red Cross and a licensed USCG Captain.  (25 Ton Master's License)

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Rob Arita

Rob Arita - Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff

I knew the minute I met Rob Arita we'd do just fine together. You see, Rob is an old steelhead bum like myself. He used to camp on the Kispiox and other Skeena rivers like so many of us twisted steelhead fly-fishing brethren for months at a time. He used to hold one of only 10 guiding licenses on the legendary North Umpqua in Oregon.

Rob has chased Tarpon and bonefish in the Keys for many years to top things off. Rob has guided Kauai for over 8 years now and is the expert on it's Hawaiian Bonefish.

We are proud to have Rob on our team and even prouder to know he is our anchor on the island of Kauai. Rob has prospered in tough fly-fishing environments and Kauai is the perfect place for his tenacity and talents. He finds clients Hawaiian Bonefish, simple as that.

Rob is an accomplished musician and plays the guitar, mandolin and ukulele. His band Island Grass plays music with island spirit. Rob is a very accomplised creator of Hawaiian style jewelry. His museum quality Ni'ihau shell pieces are sought by collectors and private parties all over the world.

While not chasing Hawaiian Bonefish, Rob is a husband and father of two beautiful "keiki" (children) at his Kauai home. I am very proud to call Rob Arita a friend and Head Guide on Kauai. They say good things happen to good people and Rob is living proof. The Coach

Kauai Head Guide Rob Arita is fully insured on any operation in the Hawaiian islands.

Chris Asaro

Chris Asaro - Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff

Coach Duff's Spin fishing expert/spin fishing guide

After 14 years of guiding in the Everglades National Park and Florida Keys, Capt. Chris Asaro has relocated his adventures to Oahu. He has brought his vast knowledge of flats fishing and positive energy that has attributed to many accomplishments that include Top Guide in the 2004 IGFA Inshore World Championship. Sight-fishing with flyrod is his speciality. An avid fly tier, Chris enjoys creating many Tim Borski variations adding his own twists. He also enjoys stalking tailers with spinning gear for those that so desire. His main traits are patience and the ability to teach. Of course success is very important, but having FUN and learning more about flats fishing can always be expecting on his outings. Anglers that fish with Chris can expect to take new knowledge and apply it anywhere in the world. Under the tutelage of Coach Duff, he has vast array of Oahu and general flyfishing expertise at his finger tips, accelerating the learning curve of his new locale!

tournament results:

2001 - guide to first place flyrod division Collier County RedSnook
2001 - guide to largest snook Gene Doyle memorial fishing tournament
2002 - guide to 2nd place Key Largo Ghost Hunt
2003 - guide to 3rd place Key Largo Ghost Hunt
2004 - guide to 1st place Key Largo Ghost Hunt top guide IGFA Inshore World Championship guide to first place artificial division Hellsbay Owners Tournament
2005 - guide to high points and runner up IGFA Inshore World Championship
2006 - guide to runner up IGFA Inshore World Championships
2007 - guide to first place IGFA Inshore World Championships


Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

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Coach Duff is a IGFA Captain