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Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

Hawaiian Bonefishing with Coach Duff

We have HUGE bonefish.

Captain Duff, Rob Arita and Captain Chris Asaro have made it their mission to hunt trophy bones by SIGHTFISHING ONLY.. Some days we see decent numbers of fish, but never in the multitudes of Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Christmas or other areas. A great day here is 5 fish landed which is a decent hour of bonefishing in some of those other destinations. Remember we are not walking around blind casting all day to pad our numbers. We consider blind casting to be a last binary options iq resort enterprise. Bonefish and sightfishing go hand in hand, every angler we have guided has expressed a strong desire to sightfish only win lose or draw. Of course here the Hawaiian Bonefish can average 6-9 pounds while in the "numbers fisheries the bonefish usually are 2-3 pounds with a 5 pounder being a "big guy". There are magic sightfishing days when the weather is good, the fish are around and the big Hawaiian Bonefish are aggressive and hungry. Your presentations are on the money, the winds are negotiable and the fish are feeding! Multiple hookups are possible on these very rare days when everything lines up. But this is not the norm and due to the inherent challenges (wind, weather, fickle and massive fish, sometimes a lack of fish) this fishery presents, this trophy fishery is going to test both of us every day. One thing is for sure here in Hawaii, this is a challenge worth tackling.

The trade off is the fish we target are big. Very, very big! This fishery is probably closer to Permit fishing than to some of the "nursery" bonefish destinations. Remember, you can can go "bonefishless" for days in the Keys, and other areas that contain big, breathtaking bonefish. Seldom do we run into slumps of that nature, but weather here in winter can very tough and none, I mean none of these huge bones are an easy prey for any competent angler. I believe in building trust and lifetime friendships with those I fish with.

As Seen in Destination Fish - Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

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When I started this business I took inventory on every aspect of this exciting and somewhat new fishery. Rob Arita and I decided in the very beginning we would hunt, sight, and target big bones. That is where Hawaii is unlike any other fishery in the world. The fish here are not found is the numbers as in other places, but they are massive, wild and world records are a real possibility here. Hell, the average size bone we land is about 7-8 pounds here with no "fluff". (We have IGFA certified Bogas for exact weights) We do have 2, 3, and 4 pound bones, especially in summer. But as a professional guide and angler, I feel you are best served hunting those size of fish in places where big numbers (10-50 fish landed a day) are commonplace or at the very least leaving "numbers expectactions" on those very flats where guides and anglers see hundreds (even thousands) of fish every day all day year round. Hawaii is not one of those "nursery fisheries".

As Seen in Catch Magazine - Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

But...... if you want earth shaking, double football field running Hawaiian Bonefish and can live with 1-10 hookups a day (or a dozen shots at fish close to or above the magical 10 pound mark being a good day) as being okay, can deal with challenging weather, and smart, wiley, trophy fish who at times will drive you nuts then we are the folks you want to fish with.

We put honesty before sensationalism, ego pumping and misinformation and always will. We fully understand trust is not something that comes free. We earn it one cast, one fish, one day of wading, one push of the pole at a time. We look forward to hunting trophies with you in paradise!

Tight lines!

Captain Terry Duffield AKA "Coach Duff"
Captain Chris Asaro
Rob Arita

Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff Hawaii Bonefishing with Coach Duff

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Coach Duff is a IGFA Captain